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Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, with the largest population, oil and gas reserves, economic volume and market capacity. At the same time, it is China's first engineering contracting market and second largest trading partner in Africa.

China Chamber of Commerce of Nigeria was approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China in November 2009. It was successfully reported and approved to be established. It was registered in the host country in February 2010, and its first general meeting was held in July 2011 to announce its establishment. It is a chamber of Commerce registered in Nigeria and filed with the Ministry of Commerce of China. It is also the vice chairman unit of the joint meeting of overseas Chinese enterprises and business associations. Nigeria China General Chamber of Commerce members include all large Chinese enterprises in Nigeria, involving oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, communication, agriculture, mining, Internet and other fields; there are oil and gas, engineering contracting, manufacturing, building materials, automobile, electricity, agriculture and other industry branches; more than 160 member units, more than 1000 contact member units. There are 13 full-time staff; the headquarters is located in the General Chamber of Commerce building, Airport Road, Abuja, the capital city; at the same time, there are Kano office, Lagos office and Guangzhou office.

Since its establishment, China Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria has been highly supported by the two governments, serving Chinese enterprises in Nigeria, promoting economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, and promoting exchanges in various fields between the two countries. Through forums, exhibitions, periodicals, cultural and sports activities and other forms to vigorously promote Chinese products, Chinese culture. It is the link of China Nepal economic and trade cooperation and the bridge of China Nepal commercial cooperation.

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